Spring Update

Happy spring everyone!

We’ve been quite busy here at Advanced Feedback scheduling and reviewing shops and adding many new clients.

We couldn’t do it without the help of our wonderful mystery shoppers. Thank you for all the help!

A warm welcome to all of our new clients, JINS Eyewear, VBGB Beer Hall, South Beach Tanning, UFC Gym, Westcott Homes, True Homes, Market Force Information, Westminster Company, The Indigo Road, Field Museum, Innovative Staff Solutions, Oliver McMillan, La Maison du Chocolat, Crunch Fitness Canada, Born & Raised, Salon by JC and M&D Supply, Inc.

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Skyline Mystery Shops – Scam Alert


WARNING potential shoppers!

Impostors posing as SkyLine Mystery Shopping!


A scammer is mailing letters with checks to shoppers posing as our company. This is a scam attempting to gain personal or bank account information from you. We pay our shoppers securely via PayPal. Please, do not reply to these criminals or deposit these checks!

They have copied/stolen our website and are using Zip Recruiter.

Advanced Feedback will only contact shoppers using shop apps such as Shop Metrics and Gigspot and @advancedfeedback.com email addresses.

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Please help us notify the FTC!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! We are grateful for your continued support and help. We would like to welcome Marval Auto Glass in Denver, CO, who will be using our automotive service mystery shopping service to evaluate their customer service and sales for their windshield replacement service. Statesman USA located in Scottsdale AZ is utilizing our onsite mystery shoppers for their real estate property locations. We are pleased to welcome Salons by JC located in several states who will be using us to evaluate telephone, email and onsite customer service and sales for their retail leasing properties. A brand new TomKats restaurant is opening soon in Nashville, TN. We are proud to be adding the new Fin & Pearl to our list of restaurant mystery shops!

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Winter Update

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! This month we’re welcoming The Broken Yolk Cafe, Orange CA to our growing list of restaurant onsite mystery shop evaluations. We are also pleased to welcome Hampton Homes and Oakdale Homes from Farmers Branch Texas who will be using our telephone and video real estate secret shopper program.

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We’ve Moved!

After spending over a decade on Miramar Road we’ve decided to move just up the street! Same staff and service. Our new office is now at 7950 Silverton Ave Suite 205 San Diego CA 92126.

Welcome New Clients!


Advanced Feedback is excited to welcome Carnitas’ Snack Shack in the San Diego CA area. They will be using our onsite mystery shopping services in order to help with customer service and team evaluations for their restaurants and bar. BASIS Educational Ventures in Scottsdale AZ joined to use our educational onsite secret shopping services for their BASIS Independent Schools in CA, NY and VA.

Welcome New Clients! September, 2016

A welcome to Cellular Sales of Indiana in Indiana, IN, evaluating customer service and sales with Advanced Feedback’s undercover mystery shoppers. Greenway Auto Group in San Antonio, TX with SAR Automotive is utilizing phone shops, website secret shops and onsite mystery shoppers for their dealerships.

Summer Update!

We hope everyone’s summer is going great! We’re welcoming the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia PA to our growing list of Entertainment based onsite mystery shopping evaluations this summer! We’ll be conducting mystery shops for concerts, sporting and special events. We are also pleased to welcome the Fox Sports Grill in San Diego using our restaurant secret shopper program for both bar and dining experiences. We also welcome Enterprise Truck Rental in San Francisco CA whom we will be providing phone shops for.

Welcome New Clients! July, 2016

Advanced Feedback is pleased to welcome three new real estate clients. Terra Holdings LLC New York, NY using our video real estate mystery shopping service. Rocky Gorge McLean, VA for onsite shops. Dart Properties Sterling Heights, MI for onsite and phone shops. We also have two new restaurant clients! 3lb. Restaurant – San Diego, CA will be having us shop their restaurants and bars at Brothers Provision, The Barrel Room and Urge Gastropub onsite. Downtown Dining in Monterey, CA will be utilizing our services for their Rio Grill at the Crossroads Carmel.


What Our Client’s Say About Us!

“We are very happy with the reports! We would love to continue with one shop per location per week.” -Heather Cyr, Director of Shop Operations – JuiceLand

“We got the report and my boss was very impressed so you can be sure we will use Advance Feedback again when we want to have another sales agent shopped.” -Vashti Smith, Executive Assistant – Rocky Gorge Development

“We viewed the shops and they all were great! Thank you for getting those to me so quickly!” -Tiffany Atteberry, Dickey’s BBQ Pit – R&R Restaurants LLC

“Thank you very much for completing these shops. They are going very well so far and we like how the reports have been completed. We would like to schedule more!” -Garret Neville, Area Leasing & Marketing Specialist – Dart Properties II, LLC

“Wow, amazing work! I knew this was happening. Your sales don’t (plummet) overnight without something like this taking place. I could not be more pleased with having this peace of mind and it was worth every penny. I will definitely be using you again for my new store. Thank you for your efforts, I am very pleased with your work.” -Jennifer McDougald, Legacy Home Staging

“We are very happy with the shops so far and are finding them very insightful.” -Michael Edick, Vice President Retail Operations – AG Ferrari

“Advanced Feedback provided our department with specific and actionable information on the services we provide our customers. The information we were provided allowed us to acknowledge operations and individuals who were providing exceptional service and make targeted changes where opportunities for improvement were identified.” -Mark Cunningham, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Housing, Dining and Hospitality Services – UC San Diego

“Utopia Management has been using Advanced Feedback for a year now and our management staff’s customer service and phone call percentages have increased because of your services.” -Patricia, Utopia Management

“The survey is very well done and very useful.” -Jim Sonn, Pearl St. Pub

“Your secret shopper reports are causing quite a stir around here. The Principals love it, even those that had not very positive encounters.” -Dan McCue, David Douglas School District

“I really appreciate your detailed and thorough reports. If you ever need a business reference in the Austin area, please do not hesitate to use me.” -Carolyn Braten, 208 W 4th, Inc.

“I found the report very informative and well put together.” -Andy McCormick, Coffee Creek Golf Course

“Awesome work by the way!” -Chris Freeman, Element Collective

“Very informative…The format is perfect for us – it is broad enough that we can see the basic areas that need training.” -Doug Caister, Salon Republic

“Keep the feedback coming, we really appreciate it, it’s been very useful.” -LIVESTRONG

“In conversations with other regions, they were very impressed with the services that your company provided…especially impressed with your professionalism as a representative of Advanced Feedback. The mystery shopper did an awesome job and I am glad that we that we can use her services as well.” -Discount Tire

“Providing premium service to our affluent and discerning customers often starts with phone skills – we can’t miss with Advanced Feedback’s attention to detail and customization. I will certainly do business with them again.” -Tim Cunnigham, Beach House Hermosa Beach

“Our front desk agents now look forward to the feedback challenge of your phone shops. Our customers are sold value with professional first impression. Thank you for helping us maintain the highest levels of accuracy and sincerity.” -Marvin Alyase, Comfort Suites Otay Mesa

“Advanced Feedback has been servicing my needs for the past eight years and has been absolutely terrific. (They) are always responsive to our ever-changing needs.” -Howard Puterman, Enterprise of Las Vegas

“Thank your for being so patient with us…Your service has been terrific! I am excited to have additional shops done…We are very pleased with your services and benefit from the information that your mystery shoppers are providing.” -Diane Nason, Fashion Furniture

“My business relies heavily on incoming phone calls and we spend a considerable amount of money to make the phone ring…I have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of our calls. I highly recommend Advanced Feedback’s diverse services.” -James Greer, Gold Coast Professional Schools

“At Keyes Automotive, we have developed many systems to insure quality customer service…One of the many important facets…Is the telephone mystery shops for parts and service. For many years, Advanced Feedback has provided this program.” -John Lewis, Parts and Service Director

“We have been doing business with Advanced Feedback for several and are very happy. They allow us to service our customers’ needs better and quicker due to their timely and informative call system. I would recommend.” -Marc Smith, MK Smith Chevrolet

“Your targeted shops have been instrumental in our reservations center ADR progress this year, our agents are on their toes at all times…Your next day reports help us correct issues immediately.” -Kristin Lenhart, Pechanga Resort & Casino

“Your services are awesome!” -Andrew Gruel, Slapfish

“The shopper did a good job…good training for all of my staff… very thorough shoppers. ” -Mark Polli, Crunch Fitness Sacramento

“We are very impressed with the service you and your team have provided and will certainly be looking at more shops soon.” -Natasha Leclerc, FRESH Restaurants

“I am very impressed with the quality of the video shop. Great camera placement and audio pick-up. The shopper gets a 5-star rating, she conducted herself in a premium manner. This shop sets the expectations moving forward for additional shops. ” -Tony Galeassi, Digital Eye Research

“Thank you so much for getting this shop completed so quickly and the shop is very detailed oriented, which is AWESOME. We are looking forward to the 2nd mystery shop ” -Jason Thommen, Miele

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