Advanced Feedback, Mystery Shopping in Mexico

While domestic businesses have long used mystery shopping to measure and improve sales and service efforts, a growing number of international businesses are starting to use U.S.-based mystery shopping companies to test their foreign sales and service.

In 2008 Advanced Feedback Inc. was contracted to provide telephone and onsite mystery shopping services at various resort and real estate developments throughout Mexico. International developers and property managers often use a combination of both in-house and out-sourced sales and service personnel presenting a challenge of both distance and diversity. Lacking employee measurement and customer feedback, our clients turned to Advanced Feedback for a standardized and in-depth secret shopper program, says Geoff Gladu, Account Manager for Advanced Feedback.

The San Diego mystery shopping firm sent affluent North American real estate and vacation shoppers to observe and record their sales and service experiences as potential buyers of resort and residential real estate. Advanced Feedback’s detailed reports, audio and video were used to ensure our clients were getting adequate and appropriate attention to this target market.

With world economies in rapid flux, a cross-border mystery shopping program may offer an element of comfort, a performance barometer to ensure your international sales efforts remain on track.  For more information visit

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