Beach House Renews Mystery Phone Shops With Advanced Feedback

Advanced Feedback, Inc. is proud to Advanced Feedback, Inc. is proud to welcome the Beach House. Originally signed in 2004, the mystery shopping firm previously conducted monthly phone shops at the Hermosa Beach property. Due to reconstructing of management, the Beach House reestablished their phone shop service under the new management of Jerry Cronk.

The hotel relies on phone shops to monitor each agent’s customer service skills. Mystery shoppers pose as potential customers and call inquiring rates and availability. Agents are scored based on a number of criteria, such as qualification, reservation offers, aggressive closing, building rapport and value, friendliness and helpfulness. Linda Tran, Account Administrator of Advanced Feedback states, “In this day and age, many businesses are relying on phone shops and mystery shoppers to be their eyes and ears on their employees. Phone shops are made to see how the agents perform when they think that they are in the clear. It also helps business owners obtain the initial impressions of their guests.”

On a daily basis, Advanced Feedback provides immediate results to the Beach House, these results include the agent’s individual phone shop report and recorded call. This immediate feedback allows for correct training and counsel to take place if needed.

For more information regarding mystery shops or phone shops to enhance your level of guest service, please visit

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