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Twenty Percent of Hotel Guests Report Problems With Their Stay

Negative word of mouth spreads faster than positive word of mouth. With 43% of guests who will not likely return to a hotel in the future, this is an eye opener.

According to hotel and motel management we have provided services for, more than 20% of guests who have spent more than $250 a night said that they had experienced some sort of problem during their visit. Furthermore, guests who experience a problem are 43% less likely to return in the future. This is a big deal in the hospitality industry.

With this relationship between problems reported and decreased guest loyalty, it is pertinent to keep service up to par to avoid losing market share. Unhappy guests tend to tell others about their experience even more so than happy guests. This means that negative word of mouth spreads faster and has the potential to damage your business’s reputation. Here’s a fact: Yelp gives power to the people. If you are not regularly challenging yourself to provide customer service excellence, Yelp will reflect these efforts. Ergo, profit loss will be imminent. Why even take the chance?

Hospitality professionals know that the answer is to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service. Go above and beyond for your customers. As a hotel manager, or any business manager for that matter, be sure to know how your guests are being treated. Make note of both good and bad experiences in order to pinpoint areas of improvement or reward for top performing employees.

This is where Advanced Feedback comes in. We provide professional mystery shopping services that will undoubtedly deliver you and your business results. Browse or website today and see if our award winning services are right for you.


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Marquis Hotel Group Expands Mystery Phone Shops With Advanced Feedback

San Diego, California, August 23rd 2011 – Advanced Feedback, Inc. is proud to welcome Marquis Hotel Group’s latest acquisition. Due to reconstructing of management, the Quality Inn Auburn established their phone shop service under the management of General Manager Heather Patrick and Michael Chisholm President of Marquis Hotels Group LLC.

Advanced Feedback has been providing services for the hospitality group for almost a year, however they have been working with Mr. Chisholm closely throughout his career since 2004.

“We have been both fortunate and honored to be working with Michael throughout his growing and continued success.“ said Geoff Gladu, Account Manager of Advanced Feedback, Inc.

The hotels rely on secret phone shops to monitor and improve each agent’s customer service skills. Mystery shoppers pose as potential customers and call inquiring about rates and availability. Agents are scored based on a number of criteria, such as qualification, reservation offers, aggressive closing, building rapport and value.

Linda Tran, Account Administrator of Advanced Feedback states, “Many businesses are relying on phone shops to see how the agents perform when they think that they are in the clear. It also helps business owners obtain the initial impressions of their guests.”

On a daily basis, Advanced Feedback provides immediate results to both the Quality Inn Auburn and Holiday Inn Express & Suites Camarillo, these results include the agent’s individual phone shop report and recorded call. This immediate feedback allows for corrective training and counsel to take place if needed.

For more information regarding mystery shops or phone shops to enhance your level of guest service, please visit AdvancedFeedback.com.

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