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Secret Shopping Enters Brave New World

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Legislation Prompts Increased Use of Mystery Shopping Into Healthcare and Government Realms

(Archive – advancedfeedback.com – SAN DIEGO, CA, Apr 15, 2009) – Traditionally, mystery shopping has been thought of in terms of the private sector, but increasingly public entities have turned to this service for monitoring compliance with regulations or measuring customer service levels (though the latter is primarily found in the UK.) As a result of legislation passed last year (HR 6331) that might be changing, says Kurt Adams, Senior Accounts Director of Advanced Feedback, a leading provider of telephone monitoring services. “It may the dream come true for many Americans” who wish for greater accountability and higher customer service levels from their government, commented Mr. Adams.

While the law passed last year deals with Medicare Advantage and how it is marketed to the public, it may be a portent of things to come, he speculated. (Specific concerns were allegations of ‘bait and switch’, ‘misrepresentation’ and ‘misconduct’ on the part of agents and brokers.) “It could well be that this model could be a harbinger of things to come. In this case, both the government and private agencies have seen the wisdom of using secret shopping as a means for ensuring compliance, but our hope is it will be used to increase customer service awareness as well”, he concluded.

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Telephone Mystery Shoppers Find Hard Times Drive Hard Tactics

Good phone skills should be obtained by building a level of rapport with a prospective client before asking for their business.

(Archive – advancedfeedback.com – San Diego, CA, Feb 19, 2009) – With the country now officially recognized as being in a recession since December of last year, businesses are scrambling to adapt. Many are simply trying to hang on, abandoning, at least for now, visions of increased market share. Thus it perhaps should come as no surprise employees who deal with the public over the phone have become more aggressive, says Kurt Adams, Senior Accounts Director of Advanced Feedback, a leading provider of telephone monitoring services. “It used to be we were asked to measure items that tended to make the customer feel warm and fuzzy, such as using their name. Now it seems the sole focus is how many times we get asked for our business”, commented Mr. Adams.

While employee interest in getting or retaining a customer’s business is undeniably an aspect of good service, how and when this is manifested can be of equal importance. Specifically, Adams’ cites asking the customer for the business in the first 10 seconds of the call. “I know it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but isn’t that like asking someone for a date before knowing their name?” he asked. Good phone skills suggest building at least some level of rapport with a prospective client before getting to the proverbial bottom line. Showing interest in a customer is more than asking repeatedly for an appointment or reservation; other elements include using the customer’s name or asking how they happened to be in the market for the company’s services. Moderation, as Ben Franklin reminds us, is a good thing.

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Advanced Feedback Welcomes Two New Miami Florida Restaurant Clients!

Advanced Feedback, Inc. is proud to welcome Meat Market Miami and the Courtyard Marriott – Miami Airport – Champions Sports Bar. Both are located in Miami, FL to our list of onsite bar and restaurant mystery shop evaluations. http://www.advancedfeedback.com/restaurant.html

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Onsite Polling Success!

Advanced Feedback is excited to add onsite polling to our list of services! We’ve just completed a round of brand image polls for one of our restaurant clients considering a major logo change. A big thank you to our Las Vegas and Orlando onsite polling teams for helping us execute this project!
– Learn more at: http://www.advancedfeedback.com/services-phone-shop.html

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Welcome New Clients!

Advanced Feedback, Inc. is proud to welcome the RM Champagne Salon in Chicago – bringing us to four “Element Collective” venues. We also welcome Aloft Hotels (WXYZ Bar) in Texas and Wisconsin.
– Learn more about our mystery shopping company and services at: http://www.advancedfeedback.com/services-phone-shop.html

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Advanced Feedback Welcomes a New Customer!

Advanced Feedback is proud to announce that TEG Property Management has signed up for our latest On-Demand Phone Shops service for their various San Diego properties. If you are interested in a low cost, contract free service please visit http://advancedfeedback.com/phone-shop-store-2.html for more information and samples.

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Phone Shops On Demand

Advanced Feedback’s on-demand phone shop service provides a no minimum, no contract, cost effective option for businesses of any size or budget. With on-demand phone shops, we call, report, and record all in the same day! This service has proven invaluable for all business managers needing to observe and analyze staff phone skills. Give it a risk-free try today!

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