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Phone Shops On Demand

Advanced Feedback’s on-demand phone shop service provides a no minimum, no contract, cost effective option for businesses of any size or budget. With on-demand phone shops, we call, report, and record all in the same day! This service has proven invaluable for all business managers needing to observe and analyze staff phone skills. Give it a risk-free try today!

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Twenty Percent of Hotel Guests Report Problems With Their Stay

Negative word of mouth spreads faster than positive word of mouth. With 43% of guests who will not likely return to a hotel in the future, this is an eye opener.

According to hotel and motel management we have provided services for, more than 20% of guests who have spent more than $250 a night said that they had experienced some sort of problem during their visit. Furthermore, guests who experience a problem are 43% less likely to return in the future. This is a big deal in the hospitality industry.

With this relationship between problems reported and decreased guest loyalty, it is pertinent to keep service up to par to avoid losing market share. Unhappy guests tend to tell others about their experience even more so than happy guests. This means that negative word of mouth spreads faster and has the potential to damage your business’s reputation. Here’s a fact: Yelp gives power to the people. If you are not regularly challenging yourself to provide customer service excellence, Yelp will reflect these efforts. Ergo, profit loss will be imminent. Why even take the chance?

Hospitality professionals know that the answer is to deliver extraordinary levels of customer service. Go above and beyond for your customers. As a hotel manager, or any business manager for that matter, be sure to know how your guests are being treated. Make note of both good and bad experiences in order to pinpoint areas of improvement or reward for top performing employees.

This is where Advanced Feedback comes in. We provide professional mystery shopping services that will undoubtedly deliver you and your business results. Browse or website today and see if our award winning services are right for you.


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New Mystery Shopping Video Services

Advanced Feedback is pleased to announce the launch of it’s entirely redesigned website at AdvancedFeedback.com. The site has a completely new look and provides users with an overview of all customer experience management tools.

Along with a multitude of varying mystery shopping services, AdvancedFeedback is happy to announce our newly designed and reformed video shopping services. Our professional video mystery shopping services provide you with the tools and technology to see exactly what is happening between your employees and your customers. Our services not only provide insight into the experience of a customer, but actual, objective evaluation of your team’s selling skills. Concealed cameras film the entire presentation from greeting to closing.

Businesses hoping to take customer service to the next level can benefit with our services by:

  1. Professional and affordable video shopping services for any industry
  2. View customer flow and analyze performance gaps
  3. Monitor procedures and implemented initiatives
  4. Evaluate new hires and staff veterans
  5. Are your employees ethical and interested in customer needs?
  6. Motivate your sales team and drive them to produce results
  7. Video is highly effective in sales meetings and training seminars
  8. Evaluate your competition
  9. A real, authentic, recorded customer point of view
  10. Visual presentations show you exactly where changes need to be made
  11. Stimulate friendly competition between your top performers
  12. Establish total awareness of your sales or business environment

Howard Puterman, VP and General Manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, states “Advanced Feedback has been servicing my needs for the past eight years and has been absolutely terrific. They are always responsive to our ever-changing needs.”

Contact Us Today to see how we can offer you totally customized sales and customer service inspections.

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Advanced Feedback Announces Launch of New Website

Advanced Feedback is pleased to announce the launch of it’s entirely redesigned website at AdvancedFeedback.com. The site has a completely new look and provides users with an overview of all customer experience management tools.

Advanced Feedback provides valuable services to growing businesses in a wide variety of industries including automotive, hospitality, education, financial services and virtually any other customer-driven industry.  Zachary Hooker, President of Advanced Feedback commented, “With the addition of many new services, now covering all customer revenue channels it is time to update our web presence.  We are very excited about the new website and look forward to regularly updating it with our latest developments.”  The revamped website showcases services including Mystery Shopping, Customer Follow Up, Web Hosted Surveys, Competitive Research and Website Video Streaming.

For additional information about Advanced Feedback, or the launch of AdvancedFeedback.com contact us here: AdvancedFeedback.com. In celebration of the launch of the new website Advanced Feedback, Inc. is offering many discounts and free samples to those who contact the company through the website.

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